Our Inspiration

At the Rights Studio, we are in the pursuit of insight and clarity. We seek reflection and understanding, and to get there we go back to our roots, we seek wisdom, we draw inspiration from nature, indigenous cultures, and world philosophies.

The Rights Studio is a space where we allow ourselves to, and encourage each other, to think deeply, to reflect, to let go of what we think we know, and let go of the need for being right. We therefore aspire to embody the following:

The turtle: an ode to slowness

This ancient creature represents wisdom, knowledge, longevity, power, tenacity, creativity, and insight. The turtle is a water and earth animal and is considered by some cultures to carry the world on its back.

Connections: Back to our roots

Everything in the world is interconnected: the universe, the planet, nature, animals, humans and all the issues we worry about. We are connected through our ancestors and future generations. It’s about roots, constellations, webs and allies. 

Perspective: Seeing with new eyes

We have to let go of our fixations on what we think we know, of wanting to be right. We must shift perspective, broaden our perspective and welcome new ones. “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands but in seeing with new eyes.” Marcel Proust.

The Condor: an ode to vision and insight

The mighty Condor represents vision, power, and devotion. In Native American culture it represents goodness, justice, leadership and wisdom. In the Andes, it’s a symbol of freedom and peace. Referred to as ‘the hunter of the skies’ or ‘king of birds,’ the condor ‘rides the changing currents in our lives’.

Our Principles

The Code

In everything we do, we are guided by a set of principles and values which define how we work, with whom and why. We believe that this is where our core strength lies: knowing what we stand for and why. These principles form the Code (developed at CRIN) which helps us to do our day to day work, knowing it contributes to our long term vision for a rights respecting world for all.

Part I – We have a mission

We are Earth’s custodians, not its owners
Rights, not charity
Children’s rights, human rights
Justice, not compromise
Accountability, not apology
Diversity, not homogeny

Part II – We have an attitude

Principles, not pragmatism
Critical thinking, not compliance
Feminism, not patriarchy

Part III – We have the means

Advocate in language, not words
Don’t grow; network
Stronger together, not apart
Be open, not proprietary
Act ethically, don’t just talk about it
Safeguarding children, not our organisation.