Many people make up what the Rights Studio is and will become. Contributions and participation is fluid and will evolve over time. Get in touch if you’re interested in collaborating.

The team

Veronica Yates, Co-Founder and Managing Director

Veronica is a writer. Veronica is a maker. Veronica is a thinker.

She is looking for as a way of being. She is in constant search. She is a connections builder, constantly sewing with an invisible thread one idea with another. A magnifying glass helps her to understand the world. Transparently.

She is disruptive. She is looking for the non-formula to formulate a radical vision. She is a root. She is constantly trying to speak from the seeds while listening to the latest leaves at the same time. She is looking for hearing the unheard. To understand the blind glance.

She looks like a condor. She sometimes looks like an itinerant word that keeps adapting to each language; verbal and non-verbal. She reads within the margins of the texts and she can be like the water that seeps through the fingers when it is about fighting for human rights. She was a warrior before understanding what its meaning is. She tries to translate books into quotes ruminating every word. She transforms words into swords. Swords into ideas and ideas into forces to push towards change.

Miriam Sugranyes, Co-Founder and Art Director

Miriam is an artist. Her lifelong work is practicing the art of escaping convention. She does this meticulously, thoughtfully, skillfully. She was born inside a turtle, which is why she feels like she’s carrying the world on her back. This is her daily battle. Most people stay inside their house, looking out into the world through the window; she saw the door and ventured out, with her tortoise by her side, wandering, questioning, contemplating and looking for magic in trees. Then one day she realised she could be a magician, her hands her weapons. She became a philosopher-illustrator.

Through her work she is always reminding us that there are other ways of seeing, feeling, and listening. She refuses to settle for mediocrity; never to seek comfort in simple answers. She keeps telling us that there is not one path, that it isn’t necessarily straight ahead, that sometimes we have to look sideways, or even upwards. Since then, one step at a time, with quiet dedicated precision, she has been building ladders in the shape of constellations.

We are also especially grateful to those who supported us in establishing ourselves here in Berlin.

We also receive support from our colleagues at CRIN. 

Our Advisers

We are building a team of advisers from different creative and professional fields to guide us on our journey.

Benedict Lombe, Writer and Artist

Benedict Lombe is a British-Congolese writer and theatre-maker based in London. She has been on attachment at The Bush Theatre and has a new play commission set to debut in 2021. She was awarded a residency at Theatre503 as one of their five writers for 2019/2020. Her latest piece was performed last summer as part of Damsel Productions’ Outdoors season, and she has been shortlisted for the Papatango Award for Playwriting. She is currently working on developing original TV projects. As a child of the diaspora, her keen interest lies in boldly reclaiming diasporic stories that were never allowed to be told, with the full shades of nuance and truth they always deserved. When she is not writing, she is also Communications Director at CRIN. Find out more about her work.

Mel Uye-Parker, Musician and Educator

Mel Uye-Parker is a British-Nigerian producer, performer and educator based in London who has been making music for over 15 years. She spends most of her time teaching people how to make music with Ableton Live and Push. When she’s not doing any of the above, she makes educational content and helps music teachers and schools integrate technology into their classrooms. She is particularly interested in training and supporting young female and non-binary people to succeed in the music world. Mel already collaborated with CRIN at the 2019 Tate Exchange event in London. Find out more here:

Michael Gibbons, Scholar, Activist and Poet

Michael Gibbons has worked in basic education, community development and social justice since the mid 1970s in Asia, Africa, Latin America and low-income areas of the USA. Over the last 20 years, he led global grantmaking programmes advancing children’s rights and the right to education at Wellspring Philanthropic Fund and Banyan Tree Foundation. He was country director and education advisor for Save the Children in the 1980s-90s, and was director of agricultural training for the US Peace Corps after serving as a volunteer in Sierra Leone in the 1970s. He is currently a Scholar in Residence at American University teaching courses in international training, education and development and working with partners around the world on the convergence of human rights, transformative education and social justice. Michael is also a published poet. He is based in Washington DC, USA.

Nabeel Petersen, Researcher and Storyteller

Nabeel Petersen is a participatory/storytelling facilitator focused on developing inclusive collaborations and co-design processes, to challenge traditional research-engagement structures and programming. He is the co-founder of the South African-based the Pivot Collective, focused on egalitarian collaborations, knowledge translation and research decolonization, and the Director of Interfer, a company focused on storytelling and research. He is also a Fellow with the Wellcome Trust where focuses on developing inclusive collaborations and co-design processes with street arts to make science more accessible and relatable. He is based in Cape Town, South Africa.

Will Evans, Social Entrepreneur

He is a founding director of Ignition Brewery in the UK, a not-for-profit brewery that employs people with learning disabilities and showcases their talents in making great beer. Ignition is a sustainable business that pays the London Living Wage and is expanding nationally to further its core purpose of creating meaningful jobs for people with learning disabilities.

Will is a Non-Executive Director at Accelerate Health CIC, an entrepreneur-in-residence at the Royal Agricultural University and has mentored and advised social entrepreneurs and social enterprises widely, and was awarded the Prime Minister’s Point of Light Award in 2019. We have been collaborating with Will while he was the Director of the Little Inventors, a creative education organisation that inspires imagination by taking children’s amazing ideas seriously.

Tessa Lewin, Artist and Researcher

Tessa is a creative facilitator and researcher with Southern African roots. She currently works as a research fellow in the Participation, Inclusion and Social Change Cluster at the Institute of Development Studies, at the University of
Sussex, where she is part of team that runs Rejuvenate. She also co-convenes the MA in Gender and Development. She has run numerous photography, film and digital storytelling projects in many different places. She likes making complicated
ideas accessible, often using drawings. She managed the communication for the research consortium ‘Pathways of Women’s Empowerment’ during which she set up the ‘Real World’ documentary film scheme. In a past and future time she is an animator and sometime musician.

Sol Polo, Creator, Curator and Educator

Between London and Barcelona, Sol curates and organises exhibitions, events and public programmes, teaches and writes about creativity and ecology and contributes ideas to non-profits. Through her work, she seeks to show the interconnectedness of the world, how it manifests through nature and how creativity can be a powerful tool to bring positive ecological and social change. She is interested in creating dialogues between different disciplines, especially between ecology and contemporary art, design, architecture and performance.

The Fellowship Alumni

Safiya Ahmed

Safiya’s practice focuses on accessible and inclusive design and editorials. She likes to challenge the diversity and representation within Western design pedagogy. She is currently a Design Developer at Shades of Noir. | @saf.ahm 

Bristy Azmi

Bristy is a designer and maker. Her practice focuses on branding, publications, book making, jewelry making, 2D animation and accessible design. She is also the Lead Graphic Designer at Maternal Aid Association (MAA) and runs a jewelry shop, Thread & Rock, with her sister. | @tnbazmi

Maria Than

Maria is a designer working with creative tech, illustration, graphic and interactive design. She is a project leader and network facilitator of the Digital Maker Collective and an artist at Made In Arts London. She is also the Design and Outreach Officer at Child Rights International Network. | @blurbnation

Anna Tsuda

Anna is a designer and creative computing graduate, passionate about visual communications and creative tech with a human centric approach for positive change. |

Together, they form the Ricebox Studio, a new inclusive design practice. Their mission is to co-explore alongside the wider community how design and creative tech can be better used as a tool to realise their vision of positively changing the world, one grain of rice at a time! Visit